Scientists at Yale University have developed robotic skins that give inanimate objects the ability to move. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio and her team combine sensors and actuators, embedded in an elastic sheet that can then be wrapped around objects and make them into robots.

“They’re designed to be removable and transferable, so we can apply the skins onto one object to perform a task, then remove them and apply them to a different object to perform a different task.”


“The skins are also modular, meaning we can use individual skins to generate simple motions, or combine them to achieve more complex motions, and therefore more complex tasks.”

These robotic skins where designed in partnership with NASA who had called for repurposable hardware in space. The team has found that robotic skins can be used in a variety of applications, such as search and rescue, wearable technologies, but the possibilities may be endless.



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