Robomart wants to revolutionize the way you buy groceries.

They’re on a “mission to build the world’s most accessible grocery store”.

Robomart wants to make grocery shopping as easy as Amazon and arrive at your doorstep as fast as Uber.

Only a tiny fraction of the $1 trillion grocery market has moved online. On-demand delivery is prohibitively expensive for retailers and it is extremely important for consumers to pick their own foods. For decades consumers had the convenience of their local greengrocer, milkman, and ice-cream vendor coming door to door, yet it never made economic sense to scale – until now, by leveraging driverless technology.”

Robomart wants to eliminate the hassle of driving to the store, driving around the lot to find parking, waiting in lines to check out, or paying extra for delivery.

With Robomart’s mobile app, you can request for the autonomous grocery store on wheels to arrive to your doorstep, just grab and go, Robomart automatically checks you out.