This collaborative robot, or CoBot, is ready to help your team on the production floor. Aubo Robotics develops lightweight collaborative robot arms with 6 degrees of freedom for human-centric agile manufacturing. Their family of robots can carry a payload of 3, 5, 6, and 10 Kg or 6.5, 11, 13.25, and 22 Lbs. respectively, and has a reach of 625 mm (2 ft.) to 1350 mm (4.5 ft.)


Aubo Robotics wants to reduce injury from repetitive motion, improve safety, and give your team an extra set of hands on the production line. You can teach Aubo manual operations by demonstration or online programming and simulation via touchscreen tablet, work in close proximity to human operators without safety fences. Simply plug and play, no programming or special wiring needed.


I wonder if I can get Aubo to whip me up some breakfast too?


This humanoid robot is ready to help you in offices, retail stores, banks and more

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